UnoAErre Jewellery

UnoAerre - Fine Italian Jewellery

A true original in the jewellery world, the story of UnoAErre began on March 15th, 1926 in Arezzo, Italy. Founded by Carlo Zucchi and Leopoldo Gori, their stunning efforts with fine gold became immediately celebrated and popular. Eight years later in April of 1934, they would receive certification from the Tuscan regional office naming them as the first of their kind to master the production of fine gold jewellery. From the provincial listing of '1AR', the duo would take the name of UnoAErre, translating as 'first in Arezzo'. Almost a full century later they remain as popular as ever, and are available to you here on TSC. While traditionally know as master goldsmiths, UnoAErre have expanded over the decades to bring their renowned expertise to silver work and brass, too. The latter has become associated with the world's most influential fashion houses, used for glamourous finishings on handbags, shoes, and the like. They are true pioneers and visionaries in the jewellery industry. From their factory (and historical museum) in Arezzo, UnoAErre supplies the world with jewellery that beautifully balances modern boldness and elegant tradition, in stunning 18K gold and with a definitive European appeal. There is a richness in their product line that is unique, guaranteed to catch the eye of any admirer, and evocative of the traditions of old world Italy: piazza strolls, candlelit ristorantes, and charming vino bars. UnoAErre are hardly content to rest solely on their impressive legend though, and have adapted many processes to make them as contemporary as anyone else. They are wholly committed to sustainability, employing standards of raw material traceability and responsible sourcing of the precious metals they craft into such stunning, desirable pieces they share with the world. Lustrous and upscale, UnoAErre will bring a distinct bold flare to you and your accessory collection, and is available to you in all their glory at TSC.