Barse Studio

Barse Studio at TSC

Barse Jewelry began with a young and enthusiastic Melanie Barse working for her mom in a small gift shop. She had an eye for design and a knack for learning new languages. These two abilities complemented each other well in her travels. Her adventures began in Mexico where she discovered many new trends. Soon after, she was one of the first to import sterling from Mexico into the United States. Initially, she would scout out amazing pieces and bring them back to sell at the store. Soon though she wanted to expand and focus only on jewelry. She founded Barse Jewelry in 1986 and she kept working. While spending time in Thailand Melanie grew to appreciate the rich culture. She set up a factory there and utilizes the amazing abilities of Thailand’s talented artisans to bring her designs to life. They use old-school methods and craft each piece by hand, making sure every detail is perfect. While her passion for beautiful Sterling remains, the company has branched out into bronze and copper as well. While the materials vary, all pieces are made with the same methods and all are nickel-free. Barse has a unique style with new ideas coming up all the time. That said, they’ve developed a reputation for using unusual stones cut into unique shapes. This has become their trademark, sourcing new and beautiful stones from miners all over the world. Looks range from bold and chunky to sleek and minimal. If you’re looking for something with less color and more modern designs, their Kindled collection was made for you. This collection offers minimal pieces with small stones and muted colors. They would work well in a business setting or if you just want to keep it simple. Regardless of the style you choose, you’re getting an expertly crafted handmade piece of jewelry with a cool story behind it.