Heidi Daus

Heidi Daus - Endless Possibilities

Beautiful and fun, elegant and original, you can get everything you need with Heidi Daus, and available at TSC! A long standing partner with TSC, Heidi Daus has created self-styled 'wearable art' jewellery for over 35 years. A longtime admirer and collector of fashion jewellery herself, she recalls the moment when she decided to start designing pieces: not only was it a moment of artistic expression, but an immediate recognition she had a distinct talent for it, not to mention a great deal of fun, too! Daus' pieces are uniquely conceived with her own distinct eye, melding a wonderful mix of colour with intricate designs to create a jewellery style that is truly one of a kind. An unabashed lover of nature, Daus incorporates the inspirational hues and shapes that surround her, and translates their collective beauty into her stunning designs. Not only is her collection of jewellery undeniably beautiful, but wonderfully accessible and extensive, too. Daus' collection has multiple pieces that are suitable for virtually any event, venue, or time of year. There is something available for absolutely every taste, and Daus' series of unique lines helps the selection process even more. Whether you're searching for that one standout piece to base your look around, or several complimentary ones to accent and compliment one another, Heidi Daus has something that is distinctly just for you. There is also an absolutely charming selection of holiday themed pieces, adding a little extra sparkle to your festive celebrations, and expressing your holiday joy for every occasion year round. As if that weren't enough, Daus has also put together a sophisticated clothing line for you as well! Fun, flirty, classy, and chic, she has created a collection that is not only perfectly compatible with her jewellery, but wonderfully stylish on their own too! Enjoy this beautiful and diverse collection of Heidi Daus clothing and jewellery, available to you here at TSC!