Marla Wynne Fashions

Tell your story with Marla Wynne, available for you at TSC! Marla Ginsburg's road to renowned designer is hardly a typical one. A one-time television producer who spent an extensive amount of time in France, she was fascinated by the pure elegance of the women she would constantly see there. After some thought and observation, she realised it had nothing to do with their age or body type, but rather a dedication to perfectly selected singular pieces of truly great clothing to define their best signature look. Knowing firsthand that closet space in Paris was always at a premium -something we as North Americans take for granted- Ginsburg began to work with the idea that it wasn't about how much was in your closet, but the importance and versatility of the pieces that you kept there, instead. Using that notion, Ginsburg set about building her fashion line in that same particular mindset: simple, flattering, purely feminine, and all from the cramped confines of her garage-turned-designer-studio! Transformed now to Marla Wynne, her collection proudly encompasses the vision she held from the very beginning. Wynne rejects the notion that, as a busy contemporary woman, you need to sacrifice honesty to look fantastic. Put together with a decided over-40 mindset, it is an attractive combination of casual comfort, basic European elegance, and trendy pieces made with quality fabrics, and in real sizes. With the added inclusion of her eclectic-minded jewellery, you can express yourself with fun and an easy, comfortable confidence. Wynne's consideration for mix-and-match potential adds an additional element of versatility too, in not one but two separate and distinct product lines: Marla Wynne and Wynne Layers. Featuring the innovative FLATTERFit technology, Marla Wynne helps you put together a great look that emphasizes 'easy-care, easy-wear' and expressing yourself with a simple style that you can call your own. Available here at TSC."