Hilary MacMillan

Hilary Macmillan - Join The Girl Gang

Hilary Macmillan is a clothing line with a mission, and available to you here at TSC! Founded in Toronto in 2013, the Hilary Macmillan brand is very specific on what it wants and offers. Entirely female led and run, they are a cruelty free, size inclusive high-end designer that proudly creates contemporary pieces that offer versatility and on-trend style mixed with a timeless aesthetic. Hilary Macmillan know exactly what they want with their brand, both in terms of of their collections and exactly how they're put together, too. Proudly Canadian, a full half of their clothing is manufactured here within our borders. The other half is divided between the United States and China, and the point of creation is always clearly displayed on their tags. Furthermore, the pair of factories they partner with in China maintain the highest standards of human rights and morally align with the companies uncompromising values. The Hilary Macmillan brand represents the epitome of chic and stylish. Every piece in their collection is composed of beautiful classic lines and a breathtaking versatility that will immediately elevate your wardrobe to something sophisticated and extraordinary. Loaded with immaculately designed features, and composed with only the highest grade (and responsibly sourced) fabrics, Hilary Macmillan's product line effortlessly breathes both modern and timeless. They also offer a high degree of versatility; you can take virtually any piece in their collection and either elevate or mute your look as needed. Their essential collection of jackets, pants, blazers, skirts, dresses, and more are sure to become immediate favourites of yours. Ideal for any situation and with a subtle suggestion of European chic, Hilary Macmillan can outfit you stylishly, with effortless versatility, and social responsibility, too. Embrace the peak of cutting edge homegrown style with Hilary Macmillan, available to you here at TSC!