Product Overview
What it is:
This Beekman 1802 Probiotic Mask Duo is the perfect staple for a self care night, you deserve it! Formulated with goat milk, milk probiotics, our botanical blend and other key ingredients. Alternate between using these masks to treat your skin with the power of goat milk and probiotics! Our Milk Foam Calming Bubble Mask uses oxygen bubbles that activate when they come into contact with your skin. Instantly calms, cools, plumps and moisturizes. The brand's Milk Mud Warming Clay Mask formulated with clay warms up on contact with the skin known to help clean the pores. This mask exfoliates, brightens, renews skins appearance and smooths uneven skin texture. The impossible-to-lose yellow spatula slips right into its custom holder after each use, ensuring you get every last scoop of Milk Mud.

Who it is for:
Safe for sensitive skin.

What it does:
Milk Foam:
A soothing mask that bubbles up, leaving skin feeling clean, silky soft, light, and airy.

Milk Mud:
Exfoliates, helps control oil and rinses away to instantly reveal clearer, brighter skin.

What is included:
• Milk Mud Warming Clay Mask (48g)—valued at $66.00
• Milk Foam Calming Bubble Mask (50ml)—valued at $52.00
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